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Medical-Legal, Workers' Compensation,
and Personal Injury Reports and Testimony


I don’t care what the insurance carriers are telling you - don’t write off those liens! We both know that carriers mislead and outright lie about what they have to pay you (usually they say it nothing!). Talk to me about the value of your particular cases. Just some of the ways I can help:

  • Designated Permanent and Stationery Reports
    Per LC 4061.5 I can examine your patient and write these reports for you. Let my years of experience as a Work Comp expert and report writer get you paid for the great care you’ve provided to your patients!

  • Second Opinion Consultations
    For difficult/chronic patients who are not responding adequately.

  • Qualified Medical Evaluations
    Selecting my name from your patient’s QME panel will help protect his/her rights as provided by the reformed work comp system. Unlike many QME’s, who are actually employed by insurance companies, I will give an objective, non-biased, opinion as to your patient’s condition and needs.


  • Expert Witness
  • Second Opinion Consultations


  • DC defense only



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